Just Starting?

If you’re just starting out, there is an order you should follow learning about things. The reason for this is I assume my readers won’t buy everything they need to look 100% feminine at the very start, but instead start off small with just some basic makeup and maybe a wig. Follow this list to make sure you start off right and don’t get discouraged when you look in the mirror for the first time.

1. Learn How To Mask Your Beard Shadow And Get A Wig

Masking your beard shadow and getting a decent wig is the first step to looking femme. Without taking the steps in these articles, you’ll still look masculine even with makeup on.

2. Learn How To Do Your Eye Makeup And Get Some Lipstick

Doing the rest of your makeup will help you look even more feminine, but must be done after you’ve masked your beard shadow. I typically put my wig on after all of my makeup is done.

3. Get Some Women’s Clothes (That Hide Masculine Traits) And Some Shoes

Getting some women’s clothes that don’t emphasize masculine features (large arms or wide shoulders) will help you (and others) see yourself as a woman. I recommend getting some women’s shoes too, as they help me feel more feminine. They also make me fit in more when I go out.

4. Don’t Worry And Enjoy Yourself

Make sure to have fun and enjoy yourself, and don’t focus too hard on your looks after you’ve put in your best efforts. Looking at yourself in the mirror is like having other people look at you under a microscope. People simply don’t notice the finer details of other people. They’ll see you as a woman, if you’ve practiced and put in the hard work.