How To Choose A Wig If You’re Transgender Or Crossdressing

  1. Importance Of Choosing A Good Wig
  2. Price Doesn’t Necessitate Quality
  3. How Do I Choose A Good Wig?
  4. Links To Good Wigs

The Importance Of Choosing A Good Wig

To choose a good wig, you’ll have to put as much effort into it as genetic women put into theirs. You can try to use any old wig, but only some will look good on you. This is because male faces are shaped a bit differently than female faces, due to differences in bone structure and fat distribution. As a result, you’ll want certain lengths and styles of wigs if you’re just starting out on your transformation. You’ll also want to mask your beard shadow and do your eye makeup before trying on wigs. It helps you get a better idea for whether the wig works with your style.

Price Doesn’t Necessitate Quality

My first wig cost $20, and people would tell me I looked exactly like a woman in it. It was long, curly, and matched my natural hair color. In contrast, my third wig cost $40, was blonde, straight, and made me look like a man in a dress. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hair colors, but realize that some colors and styles will never look good on you. I’ve realized that, and I don’t have any blonde wigs anymore. Also realize that some colors that aren’t your natural hair color will look better on you. For example, my second wig cost $20, was black, and I wear it all the time now. You should also avoid crazy anime colors for your first wig.

How Do I Choose A Good Wig?

If this is your first wig, go for one that has swept bangs instead of straight bangs. Straight bangs will emphasize masculine features while swept bangs do a better job of hiding them. Make sure its length is at least down to your chest. The length will help minimize shoulders if yours are particularly bulky. And try to find a slightly curly one. I’ve found everyone seems to always look better in a wig with curls than one that’s straight. Try finding a wig with a cut that matches your face shape, too.

Additionally, you should check the review photos if you’re shopping online. I always check to make sure the women reviewing the wig look good in it. Another thing to check for is the shine. If the wig is too shiny, it won’t look natural and you won’t like it. And if you end up with a shiny wig, don’t fret! Just use some dry shampoo on it and that should fix the shine.

Wig Recommendations

I always try to find cheap wigs that look great, and I’ve had a lot of success in doing so. Here are some wigs I strongly recommend you try, if you’re buying your first.

This wig is a spitting image of the first wig I ever bought. If you have brown hair, get this wig as your first.

A black wig that's good for transgender women and crossdressers

This is the black wig I use. The bangs appear straight in the image, but they can be swept. I strongly recommend it if you have black hair.

Dry shampoo, which is great for reducing shine in wigs used by transgender women and crossdressers

Dry Shampoo is a great tool for making shiny wigs look more like real hair. If you get a wig and it looks too shiny, hit it with some of this.