Finding Your Women’s Shoes Size For MTF, Transgender, Crossdressing

Finding shoes that fit if you’re MTF transgender or crossdressing can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s as simple as measuring your feet and then calculating your women’s shoe size and width from the measurements.

Measuring Your Feet

Grab two pieces of paper and a sharpie. The thinner the sharpie, the more accurate your measurements will be. Place the paper on a hard flat surface that won’t move, and put your foot down on the paper. Trace each foot on a separate piece of paper.

Making Sense Of Your Shoe Measurements

Get a ruler or measuring tape. Measure the length of your tracing of your foot, from the end of the heel to the beginning of your largest toe. Write that measurement down. Measure the width of the tracing of your foot, at the widest point. Reference the charts below to find your US women’s shoe size and width.

US Women’s Shoe Size Chart

US Shoe Size (Women’s)Inches (Length)
For European and UK shoe sizing, check out this chart instead.

US Women’s Shoe Width Chart

Check out this chart at The Healthy Feet Store. They explain the widths pretty well, and list the terms some manufacturers use to refer to your width size.

Common Issues

  • I’m between shoe sizes/widths:
    • Choose the larger size! You don’t want your foot to be cramped.
  • One foot is larger/wider than the other:
    • Consider buying two pairs of shoes, one in each size. If you can’t afford that, go with the larger size.

How To Find Shoes In Your Size

Most transgender women have feet larger than the average woman, meaning your size will be hard to find in physical store locations. Thankfully, we’ve got the internet and ecommerce now! You can usually find shoes in your size on Amazon. They allow you to filter for shoes by size and width, which will lower the amount of time you spend searching. With that in mind, here are some shoe suggestions from me.

Shoe Recommendations For MTF Transgender Women And Crossdressers

For Passing

A pair of sneakers, a great choice of everyday shoes for mtf transgender women and crossdressers

I’m not a fan of the term “passing”, since everyone sees it a different way. But if you want to blend in as an everyday girl, you have to wear everyday shoes that a woman would wear. I usually recommend a cute pair of sneakers for this. These Nike sneakers have a nice touch of femininity to them, without being too flashy. If passing is a major concern, you should read how to hide your beard shadow before you spend any money on shoes.

For Looking Sexy

A sexy pair of boots that're great shoes for mtf transgender women or crossdressers on a night out A sexy pair of heels that're great shoes for mtf transgender women or crossdressers on a night out

Nothing is sexier than a nice shiny pair of thigh high boots, or a pair of heels. They’re a real crowd pleaser, and will draw all eyes toward you. They are difficult to walk in if you don’t know how to walk in heels. Make sure you get plenty of practice, I know a lot of us MTF transgender women and crossdressers don’t have enough.