Summer Outfit Ideas For Transgender Women And MTF Crossdressers


There’s nothing that says “summer” more than a sundress. As a result, you’ll usually find me (and every other girl) wearing one in the summer. They can be revealing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one if you’re transgender or crossdressing! It’s just a matter of finding one that looks good on your body shape. What “looks good on your body shape” means to me is just long flowy sleeves, and styling at the top that doesn’t draw too much attention to shoulders. This is, of course, assuming that you shave everywhere. That being said, below are some sundresses too cute to pass up.

Some cute sundresses. Click the images to see them on Amazon. See my search for more.

Show Some Shoulder?

If you’re not as conscious about your shoulders as I am, try these sundresses. They’re cute and feminine, and should keep cool in the sun as a result of them being light, flowy, and exposing plenty of skin.

Try A Waist Belt For Summer Dresses With No Stretch In The Waist

If you’re looking at a dress that doesn’t have a built-in piece to slim your stomach, wear a belt around the waist of the dress. It feminizes your silhouette because it creates an hourglass shape. In spite of it sounding stupid, it looks good on a lot of women.

A cute set of waist belts for summer dresses without a stretchy waist.

These belts come in a variety of colors and sizes. Click the image to check them out.

Try Wearing A Crop Top And High Waist Skirt In The Summer

Combining a crop top with a high waist skirt is a great idea, as well. The crop top shows off your stomach and adds a sexy allure. The skirt builds on that by being fun and feminine. It’s a great combination, and I hope you’ll check out these crop tops and skirts below.

A cute bohemian crop top blouse made solely for wearing in the summer.

Some cute crop tops. Click the images to see them on Amazon. Check out my search for more.

A cute high waisted boho skirt, which is great for summer outfits. A cute high waisted ruffle skirt, great for summer wear. A pleated A-Line high waisted skirt, that you can wear in both your fall and summer outfits.

Some matching skirts. Click the images to see them on Amazon. Check out my search for more.


In conclusion, long sleeves and flowy clothes make great outfits in the summer. You’ll likely find yourself choosing crop tops, skirts, and sundresses because they match that criteria. But you don’t have to limit your summer outfits to just those selections. Make sure to branch out and try other things as well, since variety is good to have. This article talks more about types of clothing articles you can use to put together an outfit.