Woman applying exfoliating agent

How To Exfoliate Your Face And Body

Exfoliating your face is an important step in shaving your facial hair down close to the skin so you can hide your beard shadow. It’s also great for the skin. You should exfoliate your face because it helps slough off dead skin cells that may be clogging pores. It can also help clear out acne-causing bacteria.

Choosing An Exfoliation Product

There are many different exfoliation products on the market. Some can be expensive and some can be too harsh for sensitive skin. My tactic is to use inexpensive products that are gentle and safe. So when looking for products on Amazon or at the store, make sure to check that the product is hypoallergenic.

For The Face

A facial scrub used to exfoliate your face containing coconut sugar and various exfoliating agents A face scrubber used to apply exfoliating agents to exfoliate your face

A facial scrub and face scrubber used for exfoliating your face

Choosing an exfoliation product for the face is as simple as getting a facial scrub and a face scrubber to apply it with. Try to find exfoliation agents that contain a combination of different exfoliation materials. For instance, this facial scrub contains coconut sugar and various chemical exfoliating agents. Read more about the kind of chemicals you may want in your exfoliator here.

Choosing a face scrubber is simpler than that. Any sort of sponge, loofah, or scrubber with bristles that aren’t too abrasive work perfectly. For example, this face scrubber is made out of silicone, which is a rubbery kind of material.

For The Body

A wash glove for exfoliating the rest of your body

For exfoliating the body, I prefer to use body wash and an exfoliating glove that’s harsher than a facial scrubber. This wash glove works perfectly, and I use one similar to it. Be sure to scrub in circular motions when using it and it will do a great job at removing dead skin and dirt. You’ll notice how clean your skin feels after using one for the first time. Try to avoid using it every day if your skin can be sensitive. I found myself getting itchy and only use it every other day now.

Exfoliating Your Face And Body

How to exfoliate your face or body is simple. Just apply whatever product you’re using to your scrubber. Make sure to get it over most of the surface of the scrubber. Then use your scrubber to scrub in circular motions on the areas you’re using it on. Don’t apply pressure, your scrubber shouldn’t need any help if you got a good one.

Post Exfoliation Care

Lotion is important in preventing skin irritation after exfoliation

After exfoliating your face, apply lotion to any exfoliated areas. This is important, as your skin will get dry and cracked if you don’t. Be sure to apply lotion to any other parts of your body that feel dry or irritated, as well.